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You are too kind.

Thank you.

But, put that attachment back. I don't want you to waste your upload space.

It's OK. I had view all files selected. Just didn't notice the slider had more in the drawer. It was there. (fonts) I moved them to the fonts drawer of the A4000 build and it's back in service.

For clarification, is the A4000 directory (where I moved the fonts) considered the SYS directory?

Wow! Direct link to beta! Awesome. (That saves me a step) This is exciting.

Thanks for the FileZilla info. Never knew this. The possibilities are looking limitless.

I tried the install DPaintIV script. (And had success in the past) This time I don't know what I'm (not) doing. Maybe because the DPaint IV drawer already exists??

Click image for larger version

Name:	InstallDpaint4.PNG
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Not that it matters. It's working now. (I just thought the install would've made accomplished this.)

Still working on native Amiga options in Picasso... ... ...
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