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Interesting new development

I looked there. I didn't see the font drawer. (Maybe I make sure I check view all files) (I looked in all the drawers)

The interesting update.. I went back to prePicasso install (MuLib only) and DPaint IV is having the same problem. DPaint V is running no problem. (Aladdin too)

So, maybe I need to check stock Amiga settings here (MuLib) too. (It seems like both DPaints were running with MuLib before. I need to start documenting each config.)

DiskMaster! I have DiskImage. Didn't know about that. (Checking out now)

Yes, one instance of WinUAE, correct.

WinUAE beta version?? Wow, I'll check that out too. (Maybe it helps to try this and report bugs if any)

Yes. Save often. This advice has passed through the era's safely. Yes, backups and save often. Check.

Will have to spend some quality time figuring out how to navigate grandis.

Thank you. Great follow up leads. Also, it looks as though the PII update allows CyberGraphX and Picasso to run side by side. (Cool news. Will be following up on this too)

Speaking of SYS, do sysops use tweaks or mods to SYS files to boot custom os's? Are these SYS files ending up in RAM at startup?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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