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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
The new site! Checking out now..

The 3rd attempt took! I had already saved the A4000 directory with only MuLib installed. So I deleted my current directory and pasted the old one back in. (I can see why working with directories is so much easier than hdf's)

I copied the Picasso96Update in there and installed it new. It liked it this time. Or at least it took the substitute "Work" folder I created in the System drawer. (By the way, is SYS different than system? Is SYS where actual install files go? Is this in RAM?)

Still not liking DPaint's though. I took a snapshot of the SnoopDos error..

Attachment 50817

It's looking or dpaint.font and dpaint.otag. I looked online. Couldn't find much.

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
backups help a lot too
SYS: is a definition for your startup device, your boot device, it's somewhere defined in the kickstart. so SYS:c refers allways to your c directory of your boot device/partition.
system is just a folder on the boot partition/device.

dunno what made picasso update working now, but as long as it finished w/o error, all is ok

dpaint.font -> look on the dpaint floppy disk, there should be a font drawer, copy the content of this drawer into your sys:fonts/ folder.
thats should do the trick.

btw. do you have a filemanager, or copying on cli/shell? if the latter applies , you can try Diskmaster.

ah, and the filelist of dpaint, it's on the eab ftp. look here, there is also a search.

dpaint/uaegfx. once dpaint starts you can choose a screenmode, this way, it is upto you, which mode you want to use.
---> save early , save offten - u never know when the next guru joins

dpaint & alladin should work with the same configuration. maybe it is about the winuae beta version, you can still test the latest stable version 3.3.0.
i have always the latest stable and the current beta version in my winuae folder. so i can switch, if something went bad, with one version.

but do not run both at the same time. winuae sets file-locks on hdf/folders once it's runing.

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