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P II update!

Special thank you to Zipper!

Found the new update. It took. No problems.

Still having same issue with DPaints.

Oh, and special thank you to EmuFan. That download page is great. (And good timing with the snow and all)

IDK if maybe Toni is out there or listening, maybe there is a way to tell uaegfx to go to stock Amiga parameters when engaging DPaints?

I could have a custom build just for DPaints. But then I couldn't use Aladdn 4D with 68060 and Picasso96 in full 1024 x 600 resolution and expect to open DPaint on the side. (I wonder if I could simply have two instances of WinUAE open, and tell Aladdin 4D to seek DPaint here? Probably have to contact Nova Designs. Rewriting software might be a tall order. Unless (a) simple shell command(s) could be executed.)

K. Going back in to isolate stock Amiga entries in Picasso96Update install.. ..
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