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Originally Posted by JZon View Post

Thank you. Thank you.

Yes, I'm using this from Aminet already. Yes, I saw the update site. In fact, that was my next question. (esp? extra sensory perception?) I was thinking about trying it. Good to know. Good to know.

Wow! TheGreenAmigaAlien! Invaluable resource. Thank you. Thank you.
yeah, indeed, unfortunatly he is no longer with us R.I.P

Found Tom's homepage, working.

I have installing down, or so I thought. I still have to go back in and try different combinations. But after installing, Aladdin works, but now my DPaint's (IV and V) are no longer working. (Something about dpaint fonts error on IV, and V gives an actual crash with a dump file..)

Attachment 50811

What's better CyberGraphX 64/3D or Picasso 96?
i think DPAint works best in standard amiga modes, both version have problems with RTG/Picasso/ screenmodes.

for the missing fonts try snoopdos, if it is just a font file, copy the fonts in question from your install disk of dpaint to your sys:fonts folder

i'm not sure, which RTG system is the better one, i'm only using picasso. so i cannot say for sure.

maybe Toni Wilen will have a look into the dmp file, he is the only one, who can debug them
(I made that instructional video, already wanting to change it, probably will, which actually doe show the install, in between musical segments, little did I know at the time, you're only supposed for be running one or the other... Or are you?)
never made a instruction video myself. that upto the artist, what you will have at the end
Also, I thought MuLib was supposed to be installed after, I found installing prior works, for me..
this MuLibs you may use as a replacement for the 680xx libs. I did that once, but i didnt do any messurments, and from the look and feel, it wasnt much faster/or more compatible than those standard 680x0 libs.
but you should give it a try.
I saw a write up on Amiga4 emu, was not as fast as the actual Amiga. Are there any PPC configs for WinUAE that outperform my config?

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i'm still running 3.x systems or below, still not in the mood to test 4.x. so i cannot give any advice
Today, I'm only running MuLib and Picasso96. (I was thinking I disabled passthrough, maybe DPaint's are looking for original Amiga 'things')

OK. Thank you very much! Brother JZon
yep, Dp works best in thoose native amiga modes, while V ( maybe 4 too ?!) does support RTG screen modes. I remember a while ago, someone said RTG is not the best screen mode for DPAint. PersonalPaint (PPaint.lha) is better in this regard.

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