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Maybe not, but the point is that it still could work acceptably well (with some compromises) even on a 10 yrs old laptop. (with proper configuring)

This thread is open mainly because of my enthusiasm with the new WinUAE3400b15 version, and therefore the same applies to the new version !
I just tested it with the game Pinball Dreams and now it runs very very close to a real Amiga 500, compared to older versions of WinUAE !
I think it is primarily the merit of the new "Min" Sound Buffer option with which is substantially reduced the feeling that something is not in sync.

So I'm really very pleased that my 10 yrs old laptop is still able to run games with so demanding option such as Min sound buffer without many problems !

EDIT: So, two corrected and optimized A500 & A1200 configs with max accuracy ! (D3D & DDraw)
The final optimization is in the sound buffer on "2" instead on "Min" that lower the CPU usage a lot with barely noticeable lag in the sound.
This works fine on my 10 yrs old laptop even on the Jim Power title screen no matter of Graphics API D3D or DDraw!

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