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TBL's Tint demo problem in 0.8.22 R8

Hi everyone, this is my first post here

I've been enjoying WinUAE so much, it's a wonderful effort indeed. Best of all, the number of bugs and missing features is so little now that I'm inclined to actually mention them

So, to the point. In R7, TBL's Tint demo ran fine up to approx. 4:20 into the demo, then it would stop updating the screen, with the current sound module continuing till it's finished. (In R8, the demo halts at the same place.) But, the music was played correctly all through. Now in R8 the music sounds like cr*p all the time.

Interestingly, sound in other programs seems to be OK, so I guess this relates to the sound emulation changes.

Toni or some other expert, can you please look at (1) why this awesome demo can't complete and (2) why the sound has gone awry from R7 to R8? Thanks a lot.
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