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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Since you like scanlines like myself, I've give a little tip

... Under "Display" set "Line mode" = "Double" instead of "Scanlines".
... Under "Filter" then "Extra Settings", click the drop-down menu and select "Scanline opacity".
... Here I set as "50" (which is perfect IMHO; half the darkness of setting Scanlines via the "Display" section).
Thanks, I will try this also but afraid how will influence on PC CPU usage. (my old laptop needs all available CPU time for smooth emu)

EDIT: Yeah, it looks much better than with scanelines! (pity that it works only on D3D API which is slower on my PC than DirectDraw)
(maybe I could use it with Cycle-exact disabled sometimes)

EDIT2: I have a tip also!
Instead of "Double" line mode I tried with the "Simple" line mode + Vert.size 2x in Filters + "Scaneline opacity 50" = 2% better in performance !!!
(or 2% less in WinUAE CPU usage)

EDIT3: Game ports / Mouse extra settings / Mouse speed = 25 (instead of default 100) and the Hybris will then work/play fine with a mouse !
(p.s. My mouse sensor sensitivity is 1,000 dpi !)

EDIT4: Sound Interpolation changed to "Sinc" ! (sounds much better but increase CPU usage for 1% more)

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