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What is the best WinUAE gaming config for a Laptop today ?

Note: My Laptop will be now some 10 yrs old (WinXPSP3, Pentium M 2.13GHz) but it is still very capable for WinUAE emulation, of course with some compromises !

Before recently I was not paid much attention on Laptop gaming, mostly because of noticeable sound/input lag I found very disappointing compared to my real Amiga. But on recent WinUAE3400 betas this problem seems to be significantly reduced, so I started to experiment.

I was playing with the recent WinUAE3400b15 (A500 quick start config) and found the configuration w/o screen tearing and with (almost) insensibly small sound/input lag - enough for my gaming needs.

So let see how the config looks:
Quickstart A500 (most common) ... I started from there!

Screen = Fullscreen 800x600 16 (because the 16 color mode seem to work faster on my laptop, but for newer laptops is better 32 mode I guess)
Settings = Legacy VSync + Triple buffering (reduces/eliminates the screen tearing problem)
Line mode = Scanelines (looks very nice on my LCD after the brightness on PC is increased for one level and it seems to reduce screen ghosting a little)
Interliced line mode = Double, filelds+ (because it is like on a real Amiga)

Sound Emulation = Enabled (and everything else on disabled)
Sound Buffer Size = Min (found this very important setting for min sound lag and it seems to eliminate the display lag on input)
Frequency = 22050 (this is a compromise, it reduces the CPU usage on my PC significantly)
Floppy Drive Sound Emulation = A500(WinUAE built-in) set on 27% (keeps amiga feeling while loading a floppy)

Game Ports:
Mouse and Joystick setting
- Port 1 = HID-konforme Maus (gives a smaller lag on my PC than Windows mouse)
- Port 2 = Keyboard Layout B (it uses R_Alt as fire button and cursors keys for movement - for Pinball games needs to be disabled)

Settings = none (less CPU usage on my laptop)
NOTE: If Graphics API is set to Direct3D be sure that Horiz Size and Vert size is set to 1x !

Show GUI on startup = Disabled
Native on-screen display = Enabled
Graphisc API = DirectDraw (as default, faster on old laptop) or Direct3D (maybe beter for new laptops)

Pri.& Extensions:
When Active = Above Normal (it could help in some situations when high CPU usage)

So, that would be mostly all settings I changed in previously loaded Quickstart A500 config!

It works pretty nice on my (old) laptop in most games I tested!
Keep in mind that the most important is to keep the Sound Buffer Size on Min setting - the BLUE BOX on the screen bottom must show the value "0" all the time... if not, try to reduce the Frequency to lower value or set the sound emulation on Disabled, but emulated, but not change/touch the Buffer Size !!!
If you cannot live without sound, than better disable the Cycle-exact emulation, it is not needed for most games anyway and will reduce the CPU usage significantly.

p.s. What games have been tested this the new configuration:

Hard Drivin' II
Jim Power
No Second Prize
Pinball Dreams
Super Hang On

Only problematic found the Jim Power at title screen (i.e. Sound Buffer not always on "0") but if Collision-level is set to None or Cycle-exact is disabled it works fine. Most of above games uses some 50% CPU time of my old Laptop in game play, and with the cycle-exact disabled usage is even lower - good to keep old laptop cool and less noisy.

NOTE: Below configurations work fine on recent WinUAE3400b15 ! (on 3.x.0 or older WinUAE versions might not work as expected)
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