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I had high hopes for the Amiga Reloaded mobo, because we all know Jens can deliver products. But by now its about 8 months late and still very quiet. I'm sure Jens has some plans, just don't know what they are, so its hard to pitch it as a recommended solution to your problems... ;-)
Anyhoo, at this point I think Vampire standalone just might actually beat the Amiga Reloaded to market so that would be my plan B.
New Amiga cases are (almost) being manufactured right now, or at least very soon (matter of days?) so there's a good chance to get new parts and put something together that looks and feels like an Amiga, albeit with some trade offs..

That being said.. the options above both require faith and waiting.. if you get a second hand A1200 in good condition recap it with organic polymer caps and don't do other stupid things with it, chances are it will work for a looong time..
You should be good for a decade or so.. After that, Im pretty sure there will be super high end FPGAs capable of running the Apollo Core at 10GHz ;-)
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