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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
Is there any way to estimate hypothetical speed gain if instead YCbCr color space YCgCo color space will be used in video source (assumption it is easier to recode on PC video from YCbCr to YCgCo and at the same time some processing can be performed - for example resizing to match Amiga graphics HW capabilities).
There would be some speed gain but not very much because current YCbCr conversion is normally quite optimal and so this conversion doesn't really play a major role on overall decode time (i know for jpeg still images but for video it's just a guess, though). For a coarse estimate i'd say something like 10% gain.

I don't think it can be easily tested because YCgCo isn't supported in MPEG-1 (only format supported by Riva).
For this MPEG-4 support has to be added (but h.264 would be a lot more cpu intensive).
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