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A little update has been added to the first post in the thread - a new version:

UPDATE: v.1.2.3

New feature - processes packs in zip and lha format.
New feature - the script will check to see if the pack it is processing already exists in the output folder - if it does it will skip processing it. If there is the same pack in zip and lha format, it will process the lha first and skip the zip version.
New feature - this may work with Retroplay's JST packs. Not thoroughly tested. A version of JST is on the boot disk.
Updated boot disk with latest version of whdload.
Updated boot disk with xpk compressor libraries - some packs need them.
Split out kickstarts onto a second disk.
Readme updated.

Because WHDload is bigger, you now need to copy your kickstart files onto a separate second floppy disk, included.
Instructions in the updated readme file.
Thanks to Retroplay for keeping the whdload packs going!

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