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Originally Posted by earok View Post
I've made another upload, this includes a version with RAW audio. I'm not totally sure but this version might be more reliable, albeit at the cost of audio fidelity and maybe slightly decreased performance.

The upload includes both versions. It might be possible that the freezes are only on real CD32s (in which case the CD music version is preferable under emulation). I have not tested this second build on a real CD32 yet.

Burn the cue file if you want CD Music, otherwise just the ISO called "CD32Game-RAWMusic.iso"!5I4HiCaI!ZHK5WHbLG...vy5ieoDtOp1__4

Edit: Investigating the freezes, I've passed feedback back to DJM. I think that the crashes happen at the end of a song that's meant to loop, but I'm not certain of that - any help tracking the issue definitively would be appreciated.

Raw Audio version doesn't seem to crash but it introduces a slight lag every two seconds or so.
Using cd32 config on uae4arm on the previous beta build of this game I was getting random freezes but it didn't seem to be when any audio tracks were ending? Also the controls on cd32 seem a bit slugish reacting sometimes when either pressing buttons for running or jumping?

I'll try this new beta later though - so thanks in advance!
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