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Originally Posted by earok View Post
We're launching the CD32 version as currently is as a BETA. D.J.M has worked massively hard on the project for months on end and would like to retire the project, at least for now.

So what's in this version?
- Akiko optimised rendering, which gives a noticeable gameplay boost on the humble CD32
- Sega CD faithful controls:
- RED: Run
- BLUE: Whip
- GREEN: Jump Forward
- Patch for CD audio playback on a real CD32

We're releasing as BETA because it isn't fully tested and there are known issues (in particular the intro animation lagging behind the music)

As an aside, I've included the original game (US edition: Out of this World) which I've patched to have the password menu accessible from blue button, but is otherwise the same old Amiga edition (it's also based on an old cracked copy, so excuse the copy protection screen - just enter anything). The menu from the Sega CD edition has been ported to cater for selecting the two games. There's also a cover in the download by Steve.

Big round of applause for all of D.J.M's super hard work on this project!

Also thanks to Akira, I've nabbed his WAVs and ported to MP3 (for download size reasons).

Amazing work guys!!!
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