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Here's what's in the "HOTA.GUIDE" file so if you are using a joystick with only 1 button then swap to the rope by pressing <space>:

Game controls:

- joystick and/or keyboard

Sega uses 3-buttons, one for RUN/FIRE, second for using ROPE and third for JUMP.

Default Amiga keyboard settings:

- MOVE = cursor arrows
- RUN/FIRE = Z key
- ROPE = X key
- JUMP = C key
- BOMB = X+C key or B key
- PASSWORD = SPACE key on continue screen
- PAUSE = P key
- QUIT = ESC key

On original Amiga keyboards does not work combinations of Z,X and C keys, but on my external keyboard with Lyra 2 interface it works fine.

There is possible redefine keyboard in "hota.prefs" file in any text editor or use GUI.

Just replace RAW key-codes with another ones.
(e.g.:Instead of Z,X and C keys to use L.SHIFT($60),L.ALT($64) and L.AMIGA($66) keys.)

If you use 2-button joystick:

- Button 1 = RUN/FIRE
- Button 1 + UP direction = JUMP
- Button 2 = ROPE

If you use 1-button joystick:

- Button 1 = RUN/FIRE/JUMP or ROPE,

where SPACE key in game toggle between RUN/FIRE/JUMP and ROPE function.
Up & Fire (when the rope is selected) works fine here
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