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Originally Posted by balrogsoft View Post
I'm back on the amiga scene, after being busy with some projects. I want to mount an exclusive raspberry pi for Amiga emulation, and I think I found the perfect box for this project. I thought about using a Raspberry Pi to zero to use the A520 modulator, which is unused for years, it works and I will keep the modulator anyway, but it's perfect for a small machine the Amiga emulator, with a Amiga style case! It will my new Amiga 520!

So my plans are:

Use the RF OUT video output.
Use the AUDIO IN and VIDEO OUT as audio outputs (using the GPIO, the RPI has zero salidad audio)
In the port DB23 RGB, substitute this port for DB9 connected to rpi GPIO that would be used as a mouse or joystick port, and one usb port for keyboard or external USB drive, or maybe two if I find a hub usb of 2 ports and fit in the remaining space.
Use R/ L hole for switch between mouse and joystick.

I think that microhdmi will be complicated to adapt inside A520, rpi zero have 30mm width, and I have calculated from photos (no real estimated size) that i have 32 mm aprox. inside A520 modulator.

What do you think guys?
Interesting.. Why not, have a go.
A while ago, some dude made a custom HDMI adapter for his A500, using the A520 case.
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