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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Try some program that uses collisions and you should see CPU usage difference (playfield to playfield enabled vs disabled), in worst case it can be very big difference. (Don't ask me, I don't remember which ones use collisions)
I have no idea what game/program to test ! (I am more into demos than gaming)

(Btw. thanks for explanations)

I have tested game "Rotor (1989)(Arcana)[cr CLS][t +1 Aurora].adf" (CRC 30495158) with sound "Disabled, but emulated" and collision level on "Full"..

CPU usage:
WinUAE2800 = 38%
WinUAE3300 = 41%
WinUAE3400b15 = 25% (big improvement)

One thing that do not understand..
There is option "F3 - Collisions ON/OFF", and when I set it to "OFF" the collision still work on all 3 tested WinUAE versions !?


Rotor (1989)(Arcana)[cr CLS][t +1 Aurora].adf (CRC 30495158)
Rotor (1989)(Arcana)[cr Defjam - CCS][t +3 FLT].adf (CRC B382936E)
F2 - Unlimited lives ON
F3 - Collisions OFF

DOES NOT WORK! (in WinUAE3300 or 3400b15)

Rotor (1989)(Arcana)[cr][t +4 ATZ].adf (CRC 498B9599)
Unlimited Lives: ON
Collision Backgr: OFF

WORKS! (in WinUAE3300 or 3400b15)

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