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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
According to this, the "Level 4" collision does not look as quite CPU heavy now !?
So, if the performance of "Level 3" can not be made a little faster, maybe the "Level 3" is not needed anymore !?
(even if currently its only used by one game called "Rotor")
It is only CPU heavy if program reads collision register. Playfield to playfield collision can be completely skipped even when enabled, as long as program is not reading collisions. (any collisions). Also in most situations (when program does not care about this collision) playfield to playfield collision happens very soon (in first few scanlines), after first collision is found, the rest can be ignored, again until program reads the collision register. If it is never read, nothing needs to be done after first collision!

Try some program that uses collisions and you should see CPU usage difference (playfield to playfield enabled vs disabled), in worst case it can be very big difference. (Don't ask me, I don't remember which ones use collisions)
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