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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Beta 15:

- Sprite to bitplane collision optimization, skip the collision calculation if collision bit(s) are already set (=program does not use collisions), previous fix removed (bad) optimization and unnecessarily increased CPU power requirements when program uses lots of sprites and does not care about collisions.
I never pay attention to "Collision level" option till now, but it seems that works better than ever before ! (Thanks)

I found that f.e. game Jim Power (and some other I tested) work fine even when the Collision level is set to "None".
(good for gaining some more speed for us with older PC, if the program works fine with "None" or "Sprite only" options)

On an older link below you mentioned that the "Level 4" collision can be quite CPU heavy !

I tested new WinUAE version on Jim Power title screen again, but this time with sound option at "Disabled, but emulated" and got this:
None = 86 %
Sprites only = 88%
Sprites and Sprites vs. Playfiled = 92%
Full = 93% (it is more between 92% and 93%)

According to this, the "Level 4" collision does not look as quite CPU heavy now !?
So, if the performance of "Level 3" can not be made a little faster, maybe the "Level 3" is not needed anymore !?
(even if currently its only used by one game called "Rotor")
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