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I have big announcement to make on behalf of D.J.M. - a version optimised for CD32 is coming, so don't waste your discs

So here's what will be new:

- Akiko optimisation is the big thing. The game uses C2P for rendering so we've been testing builds using the Akiko for that, and we've seen a big FPS increase. Currently with the test build, cutscenes can still drop down to 50% framerate but ingame framerate is either at or close to 100%.

(Note that this optimisation is only for CD32 of course, and won't benefit regular Amigas. Even SX32 type addons tend to break Akiko support)

- CD32 pad support, which essentially functions the same as the Mega Drive pad (Run/Whip/Jump Forward/Pause are all on discrete buttons)
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