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Still the same issue with the latest beta unfortunately.

I'll try to explain; it's all related to the intro:

a) 1st screen; sound is sync'd perfectly when the beast flies in and when he screeches 3 / 4 times.
b) 2nd screen; sound is also sync'd perfectly.
c) 3rd screen; sound seems to be sync'd perfectly.
d) 4th screen; I guess sound is not in sync, possibly slightly faster than the animation (when buddy is carrying the human) as before it's changes to the next screen you hear music from the next screen.
e) 5th screen; lady walks by and by the time you are looking in the window the sound has finished playing until...
f) 6th screen; sound restarts again when bad aliens attack.
g) Later screens; possibly out of sync but haven't really noted it down as yet.

Using a standard "A1200 - 4 MB Fast RAM expanded configuration" (with Cycle-Exact ticked).

Tried playing with numerous settings (3.0 & 3.1 ROM, Cycle-Exact off / on, CPU fastest possible) but no joy
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