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This early version Marz talks about is actually a Beta version of SWOS, and it was supposed to be distributed only to magazines (Thus proving the link between mags and pirates)

In this version, the goalkeeper of computer teams are nearly unbeatable (although the keeper of human teams are normal), if you press W in the middle of a match, the game would end, and 2 goals would be added to the final score of the human team, and 1 goal to the computer team (So, for example, if the game was 1-1 , and you press W, the final score would be 3-2 to your team).. this "cheat" didin't work in 2 players mode.

If you play a long tournament (or play in the carrer mode), the players names change with time (And then you'll see weird names like "Eroc Cintona" on Manchester United or "Remaria" in the brazilian national team). Also playing the game for a long period of time would end in a crash (No guru, the game just crashes)

The goals of your players aren't counted in the "Top goalscorers" menu.

I have this version in 3 1/2 disks, shame my amiga isn't working anmore.. (((
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