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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Copper can do a change every 8 lowers pixels, cpu is twice faster (not sure for 68000, i don't remember movem timings).
I'm not too sure the 68000 is 2x as fast - movem writes or reads one word per 4 CPU cycles/long word per 8 cycles (plus between 8 and 14 cycles overhead per movem). If you count the reading as well as the writing, using it should take the same time as using the copper.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Some accomplished Amiga developers were Atari developers before.
The Atari is a really good school for 68k coding.
Of course. But that doesn't change that there are also accomplished Amiga developers who had no exposure to the Atari ST.

My point isn't to say that Atari ST developers are not good (in any way!), my point is that there are great Amiga developers as well. And personally, I don't feel that the chipset advantages mean you can really afford to be lazy. A bad piece of code on the Amiga will also create a bad result - blitter/copper or no.
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