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The results may not be accurate (I tested once/two each version).

3.3.0 snd:-13/+5 cpu:63 fps:49.9
winuae.exe 20160710_1828 snd:-7/+5 cpu:62 fps:50
winuae.exe 20160716_2135 snd:-41/-28 cpu:169 fps:29
3.4.0b01 snd:-41/-28 cpu:74 fps:46
3.4.0b02 snd:-41/-28 cpu:74 fps:46
3.4.0b03 snd:-21/0 cpu:77 fps:49.9
3.4.0b04 snd:-20/0 cpu:77 fps:49.9
3.4.0b05 snd:-6/+5 (after 2min:-32) cpu:77 fps:49.9
3.4.0b06 snd:-6/+5 (after 2min:-32) cpu:74 fps:49.9
(latest winuae2.7z)
winuae_14 snd:-30/+22 cpu:76 fps:49.9
winuae_14_pre snd:-6/+7 cpu:79 fps:49.9
winuae_15 snd:-6/+5 cpu:75 fps:49.9
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