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Basilisk is a Mac emulator for the PC. FUSION is a Mac emulator for the Amiga. It's should come as no surprise that a PC running a Mac emulator would be faster than a PC running an Amiga emulator running a Mac emulator. FUSION-PC is the fastest PC based Mac emulator. I run it under VirtualBox and it stomps FUSION w/WinUAE on the same PC.

Under FUSION you can use a CD-ROM drive, you just select the Amiga side SCSI device driver and need to use a Mac side extension to mount a SCSI device. You can NOT have the CD-ROM mounted on the Amiga side at the same time. You can also use the CD-ROM setup (under PERIPHERALS) and use a non-SCSI CD-ROM drive (or virtual CD-ROM drive).

You have to realize that I wrote FUSION 20 years ago. We didn't have big hard drives and such available. I did recently write a new iso.device driver that lets you mount an ISO CD-ROM image and access it through the CD-ROM setup menu (not as a SCSI device).

You can watch demos on YouTube of FUSION running Warcraft II on real Amiga hardware (with a Vampire board too).

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