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µ Lib!

There was a doc that trained me as best a master could, involving shell, and it worked. (Can't remember which doc, master, or program) (LOL)

I've been going all around PPC Land. I can't seem to get any config to make a difference. Anybody else have a solution from within WinUAE? Will Miscellaneous Flash RAM do anything?

So I decided to go straight 3.9, BB1&2, µ Lib, done.

And, if I want, I can turn the mmu emu on in WinUAE, cuts it down to 2 mhz, but still performs timely. (cpu intensive tests still to come)

I'm really liking the feel of this new Amiga compatible. It's response time seems undocumented, I mean the numbers it's showing for mhz feels like the 300+ mhz on the 68030 build. But it really feels like a real Amiga now. The response time, the mouse scrolling, drawers opening.. It really seems to be dialing in. The mhz went from 31's to 19's when I changed the resolution from 640 x 200 to 640 x 400. (note to self, check out Picasso) The oldschool feel of AIBB really took me back on a flashback. All and all, quite a solution for an Amiga fix.

I guess the only question remaining would be what are the latest versions of these?:

ROM chip version
ReKicked ROM, version
Workbench version
SetPatch version

OK. Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

Click image for larger version

Name:	68060.PNG
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A4000 WB3.9 68060 HD.uae

PS. I think they should have left the line numbers with the ability to enter #99b, 99c, 99d, etc.
PS PS Just added CyberGraphX and Picasso96 and am running full screen 1366 x 768!!!! Nice!!!!

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