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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
but even assuming Copper and 2 bitplanes so unthrottled Copper there is no software capable to provide such quality on 2 bitplanes - sad...
All that's needed is a viewer and a conversion step from the ST format to Amiga. Both seem pretty trivial to me.
yes, you could use DML software...

Pandy really have a point in this thread... it is something that I always repeat: ST programers are "better" since they "count" cycles to achieve something and they try really hard.

another problem with Amiga users is attitude: "I mean, you make it sound like the Amiga technically couldn't achieve images like this, which is clearly wrong" (by britelite). It is narrative that repeats over and over... Amiga hardware is so superior that nobody can touch it (results: endless MegaDrive, SNES vs Amiga threads) but epilog is that results (demoscene products) on, so inferior, ST are really close to Amiga. Britelite even "cheat" in Eighteen just to show that Amiga (for uneducated users) can show more sprites than ST.

so, yes, you could use DML converter for this...

Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
No, but I'm not sure I want to
you should.

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