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Great to know. Thank you Zipper.

I don't recall having seen that in the docs/guide. (Only got through half of the guide, verbatim)

It's almost spooky, I'm noticing the knowledge in the replies I've gotten vs the older the year the member joined is proportional to their respective replies. (Reality is probably a different story) (LOL)

I was just in the middle of building configs, from scratch, in different orders, first to last, with the approved thus far titles (from eab). It's funny, depending on the order, the bus clock on the PPC emu, normally around 70 mhz, goes to almost two million (lol) after installing Lib.

Also noticing, when engaging mmu in WinUAE, from the time I install 3.9 to the final build, the cpu mhz is in the .7 to 2.7 range.

What causes the fluctuation of these readings? Is it the nature of the 'computing' going on in this HP2000 laptop?

Or.. And, are we witnessing, using IBM clones (I call them IBM clones, but I'm referring to any modern pc) ((Windows)), are we witnessing the inability of modern computers to replicate that which an actual Amiga can do to this day?

And, Lastly, if the PowerUP processor is running so good and fast (by the way, I've never seen an actual Amiga nor emu run this fast and slow at the same time, lol) would there be a way to allow it (PowerUP processor) to share some of the load that WinUAE's mmu emu is handling?

Because if I dis engage WinUAE MMU emu (& re engage JIT), the CPU mhz increases hundreds of times.

What does a fully expanded X1000 get? 5.8 Ghz?

I look online, I see desktops and laptops (i7's) all running around 4 ghz.

Is the Amiga X1000 os4.x in reality still the better machine? (Also saw interested parties to sign up for X5000. Can one be interested and have one issued for free?)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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