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With regards to the beta series being slower, I ran some tests with the Jim Power title screen in a similar fashion like Amilo3438 did.

This is for a Windows 10 system with 3770K CPU. LED 50Hz, low latency vsync, and both Wasapi and DSound tested:

Note: The below values are taken after about a minute of the title screen scrolling, as the cpu% value seems to creep up a bit from the start before "averaging out"

Results with Wasapi:

All 64-bit versions:
3.3.0 = 65%
3.4.0 beta 1 = black screen (gui still accessible, back to screen shows yellow led)
3.4.0 beta 2 = 85%
3.4.0 beta 5 = 85%
3.4.0 beta 6 = 85%

This seems to indicate that the Wasapi event/pull mode, while being much more stable than push, is also quite a bit more cpu intensive.

Note: No difference between beta 5 and 6.

Results with DSound:

3.3.0 = 66%
3.4.0 beta 6 = 68%

So for DSound the speeds are about the same for 3.3.0 and 3.4.0 beta 6.
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