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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
You don't have to, because the ST can only do 4 colors in hires. So yes, you can do this entirely with the copper.
nope as Copper require two memory cycles to change CLUT - CPU can do this twice more frequently but even assuming Copper and 2 bitplanes so unthrottled Copper there is no software capable to provide such quality on 2 bitplanes - sad... and Amiga HW allow to use 16 colors not only 4 in 640 pixel mode so time requirements are significantly relaxed when compared to ST.

Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
The question is wether we need ugly flickering images on our Amigas or not. Really, 3 fields? Lololol
Well, once again - temporal dither is highly optional - problem is somewhere else, side to this i believe that difference between 7 and 8 to create 7.5 with proper spatial dithering will be marginal (draw in interlace mode single line with grayscale 888 imposed on background 777) and there is a chance that on LCD it will be barely perceivable due nature of modern displays (btw temporal dithering is common practice nowadays in LCD's and PDP's - issue if refresh rate)
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