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I think that there is no software that convert from big-floppy-HDF to RDB. And, that only way to convert big-floppy-HDF to RDB image is to make new RDB image with partition, mount both big-floppy-HDF and RDB image and copy contents from 1st to 2nd.

To copy huge number of files is suggested to not use file managers but shell. Command like this will be good:

copy source: destination: all clone quiet

This copies all files from source to destination without modifying time, comments and protection bits and without showing progress.

Somebody will ask why not directly to copy disk to disk like df0: to df1:. Problem is that RDB partition may not be of exact size as big-floppy-HDF and you need 2 partitions of same size to copy in that way. Partitioning software usually partition start/end aligns to specific cylinder, head and sector. And because of that partition size is never equal to (for example) 1GB.
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