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Firstly I would like to say hello to everyone on the boards, Ive just come back to the amiga after a while away and Im loving it all over again.

Secondly I feel that I should comment on this discussion, I am employed in the IP profession and as such I feel that I am in a position to provide some information on this subject.

Without having looked into it too deeply it seems to me that Tulip own the Commodore Logo meaning a Trademark, they do not actually own any Commodore technology, aka a patent. Therefore their legal capabilities extend to preventing people from using the Commodore name and logo.

In a previous post it was posted that Gateway own the Amiga patents and they are expiring soon. I have access to worldwide patent databases and have looked up Amiga for fun, there are actually quite a few but they are in the name of Commodore. I can do further research to discover the owners at work during the week.

In Australia these patents are not due to expire for another 3 - 10 years as a patent lasts 20 years and most of the Commodore patents are from 1985 - 1992.

In short I do not believe that Tulip will be able to prevent websites from hosting Commodore games or emulators but merely from using the Commodore Logo. So the websites have nothing to worry about.

*An interesting note, most of the Commodore and Amiga patents are for processes rather than hardware and there are also a few business processes too.
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