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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
With the same config and Jim Power title screen CPU usage:

winuae.exe = 96%
winuae_14_pre.exe = 120%
winuae_14.exe = 122%
winuae_15.exe = 122%

(note that the % is taken around most stable value)
Thanks. This confirms it isn't caused by different compiler versions.

And it is exactly b6 that is slower than b5? (Just to confirm it 100%+ )

(winuae.exe was old file that can be ignored..)

I tried to time the system load speed AFA OS and OS4 the time taken was the same for all; is there any test in particular to do?
Use basic A500 or A1200 config. No JIT, no nothing. It probably is chipset emulation related.
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