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Jim thanks for reply, i was exploring other emulators for Apple II and PowerMac, my reactions are bellow.

1) Size Limit - its strange i used with Sheepshaver much bigger drives (30GB) and it supporting even 8.1, same as im using in Fusion.
Update: I tested Basilinsk II - 10 GB volume on Windows is ok.
I already read Fusion documentation, but in from age than WinUAE doesnt even exists, so for my case is dead horse. I dont see any information value, in informantion like is usually *scsi.* unit X.

2) I dont have real Mac drive, i would be really nice if fusion could as other emulator just mount directly toast or iso from Amiga filesystem.

3) No i was file on Mac HDD, try it yourself:
I tested in Sheepshaver i was also a bit slower that other files, but i would say 10x,20x faster than in Fusion.

4) Its hard to believe i had similar issues on other platform from this age, when HDDs were small as hell and games were big. I was uninstalling, installing madness, or we have to use stripped and cracked versions of games without music and movies. Im glad that with todays big drivers and emulators this is solved, at least in most cases.

6) Because i havent better solution, i used combination of AmiCDFS, WinUAE cd mount and in Fusion - i added CD0 in Device list and in Peripherals - i have CD-ROM - uaescsi.device unit 0 - maybe some settings is unless, or wrong, but without better guide for WinUAE +Fusion, it was good enough for MacOS installation, now i dont care, im using toast images and isos within MacOS, only hassle is HDD size limit, 1 HDD file to 1 or 2 cd images.

A) I think that i used complete install, at least in case of Mac OS 9.0.4 StuffIt was in very strange path, something like that:
/Internet/Internet Utilities/Alladin Folder/Stuff It Expander 5.1.4/Stuff It Expander

Could someone compare Basilisk and Fusion pleas? In theory it could be smoother that emulate MacOS through AmigaOS.

I didnt test too much games, but after initial install and setup hassle, is Basilisk II, in order of magnitude faster in archive extracting and
possibility to share PC driver into Mac is also great, with bigger HDD files is great, iso image from Windows working, if games compatibility would be good,
is dont havemore reasons to use Fusion as something other that technological marvel.
Other improvement is in nothing settings, is possible to set 4,16,256 etc colors, i dont know why but in fusio i have only 256 colors and
nothing and same games need less.

- And one more thing, that version of Wacraft II which wasnt working in Fusion is working fine in Basilisk, so its Fusion or WinUAE bug.

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