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Ask and ye shall receive!

IDK if there is a guiding hand in my browser or... ??? because I end up finding what I'm looking for..

The latest build from Tuesday is good. I altered the config a little (referencing earlier posts) and got the mhz up to 1.6 (with MMU)

Just wanted to check on some titles I downloaded and looked at:

ppc-user-4631 Is this pretty much unnecessary considering my setup?
AIBB_65 Outstanding program. (This revealed a lot!) Is an 060 version avail?

I'm pretty sure the next titles are eliminated because I'm running Lib:

68060- 19 10 1999
BlizKick (actually in combination to Lib is OK as long as it's installed before Lib?)
enforcer (actually in combination to Lib is OK as long ast it's installed before Lib?)
FlashUpdateCSPPC (not sure what CS means)
HSMathLibs_040 and 060
Mu680x0Libs (since I'm using 060 with Lib this is also unnecessary, correct?)
scsidisk (Doesn't Lib do this already?)
SFS (Does Lib do this better?)

OK. Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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