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Originally Posted by buggs View Post
The team members are on a constant lookout for people who are willing to lend a bit of their spare time contributing something to the project. To underline a point here: there are members like for example Jim Drew (Fusion, PCx) who keep Gunnar and Chris on their toes concerning compatibility to existing software, irrespective how badly the code in question was abusing the 68k.
This is absolutely true. *My* focus is to keep Gunnar/Chris grounded so that software compatibility is the most important goal. It doesn't matter if you have the fastest car in the garage if you can't get traction!

The additional instructions (some of which have come as direct result of PCx), are a welcome addition to the core. The recent AMMX usage (I say recent, but AMMX has been in the core for awhile) gives a FREE boost in performance by using the instructions. Nobody is forcing you to use those instructions in your code, but I would say it is rather "clever" to use those if they are available.

I write only in assembly (no matter what CPU I am using), and have since 1979. The 68080 (a name I don't particularly care for really) is an excellent superscaler CPU core, with lots of flexibility from a programmer's stand point. It's also a breath of fresh air for Amiga enthusiasts who want the fastest possible CPU. I don't see anything wrong with the Vampire project - and if I did, I sure as hell would not be involved.

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