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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post has 3 executables. Does any of them run faster or slower?
With the same config and Jim Power title screen CPU usage:

winuae.exe = 96%
winuae_14_pre.exe = 120%
winuae_14.exe = 122%
winuae_15.exe = 122%

(note that the % is taken around most stable value)

Btw. regarding previous WinUAE3300 and WinUAE3400b14 test:
By default the nVidia PowerMizer Control was on "Balance", but when is set on "Maximum performance"
then on WinUAE3300 CPU usage = 93% and on WinUAE3400b14 CPU usage =115%
(CPU Speed settings was on "Max. Performance")

Edit p.s.:
When change Graphics API from D3D to DirectDraw got on WinUAE3300 CPU usage = 90% and on WinUAE3400b14 CPU usage =113% !
(no matter of nVidia PowerMizer Control if "Balance" or "Maximum performance").

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