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I will put the cat amongst the pigeons here :

If an ASM coder codes for an 060 - but lets say shuns the V2 - doesn't this belay the point of programming on an 060?

After all, if speed isn't your thing surely an 020/030 is more applicable as more people have access to it.

Now I will probably answer my own question :

The 060 has a defined *static* ISA as well as an MMU and FPU where as the V2 is in state of flux (optimizing and additional register sets included) - in this regard until the V2 core is matured and finalized - it will make it diffcult to coders as it would be like playing a game of football with the goal posts changing position after every kick.

In the meantime :

How cool is it that I can watch Top Gun in 640x480 on my A600!!!!

As a developer - think of the possibilities of FMV used in conjunction in game or applications - freaking exciting if you ask me!
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