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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
You mean higher quality than current Amiga _SOFTWARE_.
But again, from a coders perspective this is less interesting on an Amiga, because there's really no challenge in displaying colorful pictures. So why waste time on image conversion when you could rather make something more interesting for the hardware.
Yes, i mean software quality - and to be honest are you able to list few more interesting things for coders on HW - i will be glad to understand your way of thinking about interesting and less interesting things.

Originally Posted by britelite View Post
To be honest, unless you've seen the images displayed on an STe, you only know how blended screenshots look.
Why such strange assumption - as electronics engineer working with video audio products i'm fully aware of temporal dithering and i know how it looks.
Temporal dithering is only one of problems and doesn't need to be used at all, proper color quantization, proper error distribution (i.e. dithering) and few other things are more important.
Thanks for link to 'elevation by The Electronic Knights' - i checked YT movie and i realize that most of those picture may look same or marginally worse with colors (but with proper software).
Bellow pictures are 16 color fully Amiga compliant, no software tricks just good signal processing - 16 colors should be enough fer everyone (like 640KB of RAM) :

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