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If you consider the first thing Jens explains to everyone who thinks price should only reflect the hardware cost.. Do you really see him put in the development hours to do a full 040 in FPGA? Compared to actual 040 cost..? Which isn't even remotely as absurd as rev 060s.
(At one point he actually mentioned he was in contact with the Apollo team about manufacturing the V1200 as he has the proper tooling to easily manufacture the otherwise elusive edge connectors. But I don't think that is happening any more..)

What Jens also DID say is that he could do a card IF he could find a good and reliable source for the CPUs. (Including reasonable pricing).
He even mentioned he would be interested in buying any stock of CPUs the new Phake5 guy might have found.

Long story short..and this would be my personal advice - If you need a high end accelerator in the *near* future, waiting for a product from Jens will likely lead to frustration ;-)
Get an upgradable Apollo 1240 and pay someone to upgrade it with earlier rev060 + 64MB RAM hack. Should be much cheaper than Blizzard 1260.
Or wait a bit longer for more Vampire 1200 news.

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