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Only a very VERY few of us here have experience of BGA SMT - it is not something I would recommend to anyone to build at home. Experienced adepts and engineers apply only to BGA building.

Also the equipment needed to produce a working product is not cheap, within the UK I wouldn't suggest anyone attempt BGA SMT without spending atleast £800 on IrDA Lamps / or Ovens.

I can promise you even on the best day with everything going one's way that out of every 10 units you created at home, there will be atleast 1 that fails - simply because the temperature was out during a heating or cooling phase - and you wont know until you test them - sadly buying an X-Ray machine is both expensive and legally frowned upon for home use.

The thing about price is that its subjective if I have load of cash then 250 Euro's is nothing to my hobby - however like most - I don't have oodles of cash lying around, yet I personally feel this is the price point that Majsta should of used at the start of sellin these units - sadly hind-sight is an exact science - and I applaud them for trying to get it cheaper to the end user and I know that they lost a lot of money once Intel bought Altera and the Cyclone 3 quadrupled in cost over night.

Sadly this has cost both "good will" and integrity and that is a very sad shame considering - this puts the product at a price / performance area of the market which makes sense. 250 Euros would get you an 040 or 50Mhz 030 with lots of RAM and SCSI - and while the later provide an FPU at this point (the V2 still doesn't - 03/11/2016) - it still offers amazing amounts of processing power at least 5 times that of the 040 - it provides an RTG display adaptor as well as SD storage and HDMI out - pretty impressive when you stack it against products in its price bracket.

Not sure its fair my friend to compare an x86 product that has these components flooded on the market over the last 8 years to a bespoke custom design like the Vampire - of course its a lot more powerful but its also a lot more embedded tech straight from Intel's factories - the vampire2 we see about today was initially cooked up by a guy whom 4 ish years ago only started learning FPGA technology - creating several proof of concept models, once teamed with the Apollo Team - that is where the real magic happens.

Also my friend, we know that it costs more than just a Bill of Materials (BOM), there are license fees along side development and set up cost that have to be met. When you have 100 orders for a product, sure one can give that order quantity a go at home - but the moment you are into over 200 units and people expect them within a 28 day time frame - this is not something one can do at home - and remain sane with all the questions and additional orders flooding in.

How the team managed to handle over 600 V2 units for the Amiga A600 is nothing short of Amazing and must of taken sheer will power to process it all (and still make over 600 units)

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