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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
All 4096 colors (and more if you want to watch flickering like in the STe images you pasted) are available, even in hires, it's just a matter of generating a suitable copperlist.
Nope as Copper will be unable to perform 40 CLUT changes per line in 4 bitplane hires on Amiga (CPU can change CLUT twice faster than Copper - perhaps some tricks like mask in BPLxDAT can be used to reduce overhead and improve perceived quality). And yes i'm fully aware of the limitations for temporal dithering however in LCD flickering will be less perceivable.

Originally Posted by britelite View Post
I mean, on the ST/STe it actually takes some effort to get stable palette changes during refresh, so that's why it's impressive. But on the Amiga it's only a matter of making a suitable copper list, which makes it less impressive.
Yes, that's why i'm so impressed - poor ST need to to do many things that are available on Amiga for free yet ST is able to beat Amiga in visual quality due refining algorithms use for color quantization. Try to do same visual quality of conversion with Copper on Amiga 640x512 and only 2 bitplanes - result will be way worse... due of software quality not HW limitations.

Originally Posted by britelite View Post
And the images you pasted are more about having made a nice converter for processing images to be displayable on the STe, the exact same images could most likely be displayed on the Amiga in exactly the same quality. And don't for a second think the images actually look like that when displayed on the STe
This was my point, significantly less capable HW but amazingly good software together delivered quality higher than Amiga.
How it looks on ST - true - have no clue but i know how it looks on screen and i'm impressed as even for today standards visual quality is more than just OK.

(and this explain why i decided to put those pictures inside topic related to demonstration pictures - we can't forget that HW capabilities are only one part of equation - software to deal with HW limitations is very important too - as ST case shows - HW limitations may be significantly reduced with proper SW approach).
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