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I don't remember when I sold my C64 and got my A500+ but the first amiga I had was a kick 2.0 one so I am not familiar with workbench 1.3.

A500+ had quite a lot compatibility problemsand it failed to run many of my games so I had to depend on Relokick. I did not know of any other degraders. I was a kid.

I can now recognize what being a kid was all about. Amiga would not be so special for me if it -burseg the kid- hadn't loved it.

I have never bought a commercial game in my life and I don't remember how many pirated copies I played. Istanbul was full of computer shops that you would buy pirated disks for a very little fee and no commercial games were/are actually available.

Years past and commodore died. With it, the Amiga scene in Turkey. Pc games became the dominant. Pirated copies of course . Soon my disk drive and various parts that I don't remember failed and the machine was dead.:kill

But I soon realized that I would not live without it. I decided to buy a more powerful Amiga. An A1200. I fit it with creative 6x cd rom drive and a palladium 1.2 GB hard drive which failed within two months. well, a year later I sold it.

A friend of mine asked me to get his 1200 repaired.It was the machine he started his motion graphics career. He used the machine in a tv station he worked. I knew someone who could fix the problem with his accelerator. The problem could not be fixed and he did not ask anything related to his machine for about a year

After that, I never had any Amiga

And one day I was at the school's dark room. Processing the photos I shot for a project. I noticed the commodore 64, tape drive and power supply lying in front of the photography studio door. It's photos were taken by another student for a still life photography homework and now it was being treated as garbage

I worked until 2:00 AM and when I locked the darkroom I noticed that the machine was still there and no one was around. I put it in my bag and returned home. Everything came into a full circle. I have a C64 now.
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