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So Gunnar was not accepting your advices? I can remember discussions at that time betweend certain people and Gunnar, it was not making proposals and then accept whatever people doing real work decide, but it was "you have to do this or that otherwise it will not be successful and only I know what to do". It is a project done by some skilled and experienced hardware developers, perhaps you like direction or you like it not. If not simple stay away from it and any related discussion. It is their project so if it fails because they are not as genious as you and some others then it is their problem, not yours. At least up to now everyone I read from who really owns the hardware and uses the core seems to be happy so I assume that Gunnar did not everything wrong. You are free to buy a vampire and develop for it but it does not sound like you would be interested in it. So only badmouthing the project and the people behind it? Sounds boring... Or you develop your own core if you think you can do better. Talk is cheap.

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