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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Then why being so reluctant to publish that ammx code, even by PM
Reluctant to publish code ? An example was published. This thread was created 2 days ago and you speak like if you were waiting them for 6 months. TuKo presented results of our work, that's the point of this thread : being able to plays videos smoothly on one dedicated hardware.

The work is experimental and still WIP, just wait quietly until we release it. About SS optims, they are clearly not enough to obtain smooth playback with a Cyclone 3. Please, keep in mind this results are running on a very cheap FPGA, with limited ressources, not a GHz one. This is out of the point to tell legacy instructions are enough. You could be 200% right with unlimited MHz, this is not correct with limited MHz. Goal is to be able to let Vampire users have fun with their real HW, not with UAE.
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