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@Tuko / Apollo Team

Impressive stuff as always! the last video running on an A2000 just blew me a way a bit! can I ask is the Audio going through the native 22KHz or through a dedicated sound card?


Breathe my friend, breath.....

Implementation of a register set or SIMD in this case isn't anything to worry about - even if it only offloads enough giving a x2 performance - surely its better than nothing. Although I will say SIMD before FPU was a shock - but I am pretty sure it was because it was "easier" to implement, but I have worked with SIMD before on the PC's so there is a potential even it was stuck in this early stage / state.

Sometimes projects evolve outside of our influence, even if we have put so much in to begin. I am firm believer in that if a project is too far from where you want it to be - its time to start again. Fortunately there is a lot of ground work for a "new / improved" 68k ISA - (please include a FPU component or VPU - that would be nice)
I have been reading yours / Mattey's 68k ISA with much interest - I do hope you move to some testing of concepts soon =)
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