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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Creating instructions for a mere x2 isn't worth it. If it were x50 or even x10, i'd have said : wow. But x2 ?

These instructions will become obsolete as soon as another, larger simd comes out. But the cost of supporting these will still be here.
x86 is crippled with more than 1,000 instructions. I don't want the 68k to become like that.
Meynaf has a point here in my eyes. Instruction set extensions should be treated very carefully and with perspectivic foresight, rather than for lesser immediate advantage. 080 core doesnt need minor publicity stunts if they might block the future development or unneccesarily waste instruction space, it provesto be good enough to gather enough interest anyway. So please consider this for own good of the project.

Originally Posted by flype View Post

About the original 0.50 sources, RiVA was not free until 2014, but there was a demo with some limitations. Then it became free. But still closed-sources. Current status is i asked yesterday the opinion of the author about a public release. I know he is thinking of it and is open to. In itself this is good news.
Good to hear. Opening sources would be a good thing even if in asm. One way or the other, though, please avoid to release hardware dedicated binaries. Release one consistent update for all systems, handling extensions on itself. Even if it costs some time, effort and a bigger binary, avoid the versions hell. And please cooperate where possible.

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