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Originally Posted by grond View Post
The double frame rate in movie replay does come from ammx.
It comes mostly from other optimizations, like better superscalar execution. See the comparison for 68060.
And even if it did. Creating instructions for a mere x2 isn't worth it. If it were x50 or even x10, i'd have said : wow. But x2 ?

These instructions will become obsolete as soon as another, larger simd comes out. But the cost of supporting these will still be here.
x86 is crippled with more than 1,000 instructions. I don't want the 68k to become like that.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
And your point about arbitrary instructions for single purpose use is moot. MMx instructions have been used in millions of programs and all sorts of codices.
Really, no. SSE2 maybe, and not in millions of programs (and mostly to replace old x87). MMX certainly not.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
Several hundred vampire owners will be able to do this shortly when GOLD2 is released.
Only if the program is available for them to check.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
So now you are claiming part of the apollo core as your work?
My influence was small, but not zero.
Do you know who fought the most with Gunnar so that all instructions get implemented with no emulation (which they hopefully are today) ?
Do you know who gave him instruction usage statistics ?
Look in the docs for new stuff. Perhaps some was my idea, or was inspired by me.
Me and Matt Hey were in the "team" part at before Gunnar erased it. I can't believe nothing came out of this.

Originally Posted by guibrush View Post
Yes, it does : I'm beta testing Riva too, and I can tell you that the last beta version has a big speed improvement over the latest that didn't use the MMX instructions, this on the same machine. I have demonstrated it the last week at the Micro Alchimie in France, many people was impressed with this speed bump.
You can dislike the MMX addition, but the fact is, that RIVA is faster thanks those instructions. Period. It's the only thing that TuKo said on the first post, we didn't claim anything else.
Then why being so reluctant to publish that ammx code, even by PM ?

Originally Posted by flype View Post
About the original 0.50 sources, RiVA was not free until 2014, but there was a demo with some limitations. Then it became free. But still closed-sources. Current status is i asked yesterday the opinion of the author about a public release. I know he is thinking of it and is open to. In itself this is good news.
I'm not asking you to share the whole code if you can't, but, at least, the parts that got rewritten - especially the ammx ones - would help.

The 68080 also has new stuff that's not ammx. What proves me it's ammx more than other stuff that could make Riva faster ? Only the code can.

And if you don't share the source, at least you can distribute the binary.
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