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@ meynaf :
obviously, you don't like what the vampire team do and what the Apollo 080 is, right ? It's your choice, and you are free to think so. But the fact is, that this team has brought the first innovative and by the way the far fastest accelerator to the classic Amiga since decades. The vampire is a nice and fast piece of hardware, and the apollo core is the most advanced 68k itteration now. And the only thing you do is to compare it with an UAE running on a super fast PC and complaining that those AMMX instructions are not a good idea ? Comme on, if you're not happy with the vampire, go play with WinUAE or OS4 or MOS or Aros, but don't say that what the team do is pointless, because this is clearly not the case. I have a vampire 600 and a blizzard ppc 060, and I can tell you that the speed feeling is clearly in favor of the vampire, no discution ! Je ne comprends pas comment on peut ĂȘtre aussi mauvais envers le travail des autres !!!!
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