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Some of meynaf's questions and points are valid. I would also be interested to have some answers.

1) What is the status of the 68k RiVa? Is the source available anywhere?

2) There is mention of improvements to superscalar execution which benefit the 68060 as well. Will this update be released? What are the SIMD isolated results when the 68060 executable with superscalar improvements is compared to the SIMD AMMX enhanced version?

3) What is the plan for future SIMD extensions to the ISA? How would floating point support in the SIMD be accomplished without putting floating point values in integer registers with a shared integer/SIMD ISA? How would wider SIMD registers be supported with a shared integer/SIMD ISA? Is the Apollo-core documentation of the ISA/ABI ever really going to be made public? Why are the comments for the SIMD instructions more readable than the assembler instructions and appear alien to the 68k?

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